Risksoft makes risk management easy and cost effective.

Powerful. Interactive. Multi-platform. BowTie Risk management for business.

Maximise Gain Minimise Loss Increase Value Promote Efficiency Identify Weaknesses Improve Processes Strengthen your Business

BowTie RS

  • Use BowTie RS to graphically identify, assess, control, manage and communicate all your business risks e.g. operational, strategic, financial, compliance and opportunity risks.

Risksoft risk management software features comprehensive risk management through rich graphical interfaces using BowTie methodology

  •  Easy to use via any browser
  •  Functions on any device
  •  No software download required
  •  Free updates
  •  Excel import and export
  •  Unlimited users
  •  Secure SaaS and cloud based
  •  Suitable for all businesses
  •  Risk Identification
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Risk Quanification
  •  Risk Prioritisation
  •  Risk Control
  •  Risk Communication
  •  ISO 31000 & ISO 14000
  •  ISO 9000 & OHSAS 18001

Organisation tree for effective risk management

Interactive organisation tree
  • Easily map your organisation structure to your risk management plan with a fully customisable Organisation Tree allowing you to track and manage risk in different locations, teams and domains in your organisation.

Graphical data-rich risk assessments

Interactive organisation tree
  • Risksoft software is designed for rapid communication. Key information from multiple bowties is presented in a colour-coded manner in a high resolution layout with fully sorted, quantified, grouped, filterable and customised information.

Live quantified interactive dashboards

Interactive organisation tree
  • BowTie RS constantly monitors your business at every enterprise risk level, register, portfolio and control plan. Live risk is actively reported on a range of dashboards including graphs, pie charts and risk matrices.

Fully customisable to suit your business needs

Interactive organisation tree
  • All Risksoft software is fully customisable. You can customise labels, colours, values, thresholds, enterprise levels, impacts, probabilities and more. This gives BowTie RS the capability to truly match your exact operating requirements and parameters.

Six layered risk categorisation

Risksoft software risk organisation
  • In any risk management plan, effective structuring and categorisation of risks is essential for proper analysis and control. Risksoft categorises risk events in six levels where individual risk events culminate up the organisation tree: (1) Company - overall company risk, (2) Organisation Unit - risk in any location, team or domain, (3) Enterprise level - risks in e.g. operations, strategies, finances, compliance or opportunites, (4) Category - an individual risk type, (5) Subcategory - an individual risk subtype, (6) Risk event - the specific top event itself


Multiplatform BowTie software
  • Risksoft software is multi-platform. This means it functions on all commonly used devices: PCs, Macs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones. This includes all Apple (iOS), Windows and Android devices. To achieve multi-platform status and functionality, Risksoft software runs on your internet browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon. The software will run exactly the same on any device or any browser meaning you do not need to purchase/ install multiple copies of the software, which is useful for large enterprise teams.

Multi-user, multi-location collaboration

Bowtie software collaboration
  • Risksoft creates cloud based software - either ran directly from secure Risksoft servers, or in your internal network. We recommend cloud based hosting as you get instant access to software updates and you can leave data management up to us. Being cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), you and anyone in your team can access the software wherever you/they are on any device, making collaboration extremely easy, no matter how big your team is. No more need to be in the same location - anyone with permission can access your risk system.

Maximise Gain Minimise Loss Increase Value Promote Efficiency Identify Weaknesses Improve Processes Strengthen your Business